Global Initiative for Humanistic Education

Soka's Global Initiatives through Diversity

We must implement creative approaches based on the coexistence philosophy of not building one's happiness over other's misfortune to solve the societal challenges emerging as part of globalization.
In order to solve these challenges,It is important to acknowledge that the place we are at is formed by people with different cultural backgrounds.Having"diversity"as the key factor"creative Global Citizens",with strong mind and ability who can lead to make sustainable progress for the society through mutual understandings by communicating with others.

Soka’s Global Initiatives through Diversity

Soka University has been focusing on humanistic education and international exchange since its opening. The achievements of education and international exchange were highly appreciated and the university was selected to be one of the 37 universities in the “Top Global University Project” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2014. 

Currently, about 550 international students (equivalent to about 7% of the total of students) from 50 countries and territories are learning in this rich diverse campus. Soka University focuses on creating an educational environment that international students can easily learn. Courses in English are also available in undergraduate programs and graduate school. In addition, from April this year, new dormitories for international students will be opened. This campus will continue to improve with its plentiful learning environment where many international students from various backgrounds study together and multiple languages interact.

I hope each one of the international students from all over the world will be able to experience a lifelong treasure here at Soka University. I am looking forward to seeing you at the campus with full of hope. 

Soka University President
Masashi Suzuki

TOP Global University Project Goals and objectives

Soka University was selected for Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology (MEXT)'s 2014 TOP Global University initiative.
The MEXT initiative aims to enhance the international competitiveness of Japanese universities and facilitate system reforms by offering intensive support for 10 years for selected institutes. These include those schools that are engaged in world-class research and educational programs, and those that are proactively adopting initiatives to advance the internationalization of both the school and its students. Another criterion is that these universities are also networking with academic institutes overseas.

Soka University’s initiative to establish a global center for humanistic education through its global programs and education in an effort to advance peace and sustainable prosperity has been selected under the Leading-Global Type B category of the MEXT project, or universities committed to leading internationalization in Japan.

Diversity:The Key to Enhance the Strength of Character and Global Skills.

The common denominator among the four initiative that constitute the project's core is diversity. The term,diversity,is the essential to recognize and understand language,cultural,and ethnic differences,The key to foster global citizens is to provide practical and relevant education,an education that strengthens“character”.By advancing diversity,Soka University will develop individuals with global skills.

Progress Report

Legend : Performance Goal

International students studying at Soka University
2013 313students
2014 401students
2016 600students
2023 1119students
Japanese students studying abroad
2013 557students
2014 933students
2016 868students
2023 1196students
Students Achieving Foreign Language Proficiency Standards   (Such as TOEFL-iBT 80)
2013 296students
2014 721students
2016 700students
2023 1378students
Courses Syllabi Written in English
2013 533courses
2014 554courses
2016 1752courses
2023 2000courses
Classes held in foreign language (excluding language subjects)
2013 3.3%
2014 4.0%
2016 8.8%
2023 10.0%
Programs where Students can Complete the Curriculum only in English
2013 1program
2014 3programs
2016 4programs
2023 10programs
Ratio of female faculty, etc.
2013 27.3%
2014 26.3%
2016 28.7%
2023 32.9%
Ratio of female administrative staff, etc.
2013 33.2%
2014 28.7%
2016 27.5%
2023 40.4%
Ratio of international faculty, etc.
2013 43.3%
2014 44.1%
2016 49.2%
2023 68.0%
Ratio of international administrative staff, etc.
2013 2.4%
2014 7.9%
2016 9.9%
2023 14.4%

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