Various procedures of visa

Our administration will submit the visa application to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the international student who has been accepted to Soka University. Those wishing to apply for a student visa must confirm their period of stay in Japan and submit all necessary documents to the university’s International Section by the specified date.
As of July 9, 2012, government regulations pertaining to the status of foreign nationals in Japan has been revised. For further information, please refer to the Immigration Bureau website at

Work Permit

By law, international students are not permitted to work while in Japan under a student visa. Should you seek to work on a part-time basis, however, you must first obtain Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (work permit). Please note that if you should engage in any form of employment without a work permit, you will be held legally accountable for violating the immigration law. For additional information on part-time work, please refer to the "Life in Japan: Part-time Jobs" microsite.

Life in Japan: Part-time Jobs

Extension of Period of Stay

Should you require extending your period of stay in order to further your education, you will be able to apply for an extension three months prior to expiring date of your current period of stay. Download the "List of Visa Renewal Documents" for the relevant documents that you will need to extend your stay. Please note that you will be held legally accountable for any overstay without proper authorization.

Change of Status of Residence

Should you seek full-time employment in Japan after graduating from Soka University, you must immediately apply to the Immigration Bureau for a change in your status of residence. Please note that your status as an exchange student expires at the moment you graduate from our university, meaning you must secure prior government approval to remain in Japan.
Note: Students are no longer required to fill out an application for a re-entry permit if returning to Japan in less than 12 months.