Fact Sheet

General Information
Item Content
Country Japan
City Hachioji, Tokyo
Year of Founding 1971
Type of Institution Private
Majors (Undergradute)

Economics, Business Administration, Law, Letters,

Education, Science and Engineering, Nursing, International Liberal Arts
Office Address

Soka University, International Affairs Office

1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi

Tokyo, Japan 192-8577
Office Telephone / Fax +81-42-691-8200  /  +81-42-691-2039
Website Homepage: http://www.soka.ac.jp/en/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/bm4Vnm6gnrw
Academic Calendar
The newest academic calendar will be informed one month before the arrival date.
  Fall semester  Spring semester
Period of semester mid-Septemer - late-January early-April - late-July 
Mid-term exam periods late-October - mid-November mid-May - mid-June
Fainal-exam periods late-January late-July
Winter/Summer break late-December - early-January late-July - mid-September
Nomination and Application

① Nomination
 Students must be nominated by their home institution via the following form by the designated deadline:

SOKA University Exchange Student Nomination Form URL:

  Fall semester Spring semester
Deadlines March 15 October 15

② Application
 Students must register and complete the online application form and submit necessary documents to Soka University.
  Fall semester Spring semester
Deadlines March 31 October 31
Courses and Language Requirements
  • ・The tuition fees will be waived for all exchange students.
  • ・Each class is 90 minutes.
  • ・Students must take at least 7 classes per week.
  • ・Exchange students are eligible to enroll in Japanese Language Course below and Physical Education courses. 
  • ・Syllabus can be found from the following link: http://plas.soka.ac.jp/csp/plas/syllabus11.csp
      Please also see "How to find syllabus."
  Course List Language Requirements Credits
Undergraduate Course
(in Japanese) 
AY2024-2025 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 or above 2 - 4
(depends on the course)
Undergraduate Course
(in English) 
AY2024-2025 English proficiency of 
TOEFL-iBT 71 or IELTS 5.5 or CEFR B2 or equivalent
2 - 4
(depends on the course)

Japanese Language Course         

Tentative N/A*1 1 - 2*2
(depends on the course)
*Japanese language classes are categorized into seven proficiency levels: ES to E5 as below.
  Students going-on to their 1st semester: Level of class will be chosen, based on the results of placement test.
  Students going-on to their 2nd semester and on: Students will be placed in the subsequent class.
  For example, students who were E0 will proceed to E1. Students who were in E5 will remain in E5.
*2 Japanese language classes can be registered up to 8 credits per semester.

Japanese Language Levels

Level of JLPT Category Proficiency Level
Below N5 ES Minimal but necessary Japanese language study level to live in Japan
Below N5 E0 Basic level
N5 equivalent E1 Basic level
N4 equivalent E2 Intermediate level
N3 equivalent E3 Intermediate level
N2 equivalent E4 Pre-Advanced level
N1 equivalent E5 Advanced level
Soka University has four dormitories for exchange students for our partner universities. These dormitories focus on creating a proper environment for students to develop cooperation and autonomy skills while living together with students from all parts of Japan and the world. Although it might be difficult to adapt into an environment with diverse cultures, habits and different opinions, the students will be able to cooperate and create deep bonds of friendship by the time of dormitory graduation!
Male Dormitory Address
Hoyu Dormitoy 1-483 Takiyama-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Takiyama International Dormitory   1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Female Dormitory Address
Cosmos Dormitoy        1-582-1 Takiyama-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
    Yuko Dormitory (in Japanese)       1-481 Takiyama-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo