Soka University has four dormitories for exchange students from our partner universities. These dormitories focus on creating a proper environment for students to develop cooperation and autonomy skills while living together with students from all parts of Japan and the world. Although it might be difficult to adapt into an environment with diverse cultures, habits and different opinions, the students will be able to cooperate and create deep bonds of friendship by the time of dormitory graduation!

The exemption of accommodation fees will depend on the bilateral agreements between our partner universities. Please ask your home institution whether you are eligible to the exemption.
Please find "Gudelines for Dormitory Students" from the following link and read it carefully.
Dormitories for Male Students
Dormitories for Female Students

Points to Note on International Dormitories

■ Length of Stay
Semester Move-IN Date Move-OUT Date
Spring 2023 After March 27 by August 10
Fall 2023 Early September by February 10
・Those who stay for two semesters may stay during the vacation period.

■ Rules
・Each dormitory has its own rules on curfew, shower time, cleaning time, etc.
・Curfew for male dormitories is 0:00AM, and 11:00PM for female dormitories.
・Each dormitory has its own specific time for using a shower room and a bath room.
・Students are responsible for cleaning the dormitory themselves.
・As a general rule, only students residing in the dormitory are allowed to enter the dormitory. However, the dormitories have a space to welcome visitors (please check the details after entering in the dormitory).
・Students already living in a dormitory are not allowed to move into other one.

■ Facilities
・Coin laundries and dryers are available in each dormitory.
・It is not possible to purchase a landline phone. We recommend you to bring your own mobile phone or purchase one after your arrival.
・Dormitories have a campus Wi-Fi network installed. However, due to security reasons some pages may not be accessible.

■ Bedding
Bedding (mattress, blanket and pillow) is provided free of charge for exchange students by the university. Please return them when you leave the dormitory.

In case you wish to purchase bedding by yourself:
・It is also possible to purchase bedding at the university after your arrival.
・You may also send your luggage to the dormitory via courier, but it can be accepted only after the date you can move in and after confirming your flight ticket.

■ Alcohol and Tobacco
In Japan, drinking and smoking under the age of 20 is prohibited by law. Given that most of Japanese students living in a dormitory are under 20 years old, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the dormitory. In international dormitories, however, drinking and smoking are allowed under the following rules:
・Smoking is only allowed outside the dormitory building in a designated “smoking area.”
・Drinking is only allowed in a bedroom of Hoyu and Takiyama International Dormitories.