Off-campus Accommodation

Securing private housing in Japan can be quite challenging for international students currently residing outside of Japan due to language barriers and the need for a local guarantor.
As a result, the university rents off-campus apartments on behalf of international graduate students and provides them to students upon their request.
These apartments are located within a 10 to 25 minute-walk to campus and cost approximately JPY 35,000 to 40,000 per month.

Type of Accommodation

Off-campus apartments

Room option

Self-catered single-bedroom
*Family room option is not provided.
*Pets are not allowed.


10 to 25 minute-walk to campus


JPY 35,000 to 40,000 per month

Contract Period

One-year contract

*Students who will reside in apartments provided by the university must stay there at least for 12 months (maximum for 2 years).
*Please note that students cannot shift to another apartment for the first year during their contract period. 
*For the Spring entry students, the contract period starts from April to March.
*For the Fall entry students, the contract period starts from September to August.


*Residents need to make payment of the utility fee (electricity, gas, and water) 

*As for the Internet connection, there are basically free internet services; however, each dormitory has different internet facilities.

●Soei & Seigi: Soka University LAN port can be used, however, there is no Wi-Fi rooter. If the residents wish to use Wi-Fi, you need to purchase the Wi-Fi rooter and bring it to our IT support office to activate for Soka Wi-Fi.

●Zephyr & Excellence: Even you can use the free internet, each resident must make a contract with an Internet provider. It will take 2 or 3 days to activate the internet access.
It is recommended for the international residents abroad to bring short-term portable travel Wi-Fi for the first week. 
*After all the admissions exams for the graduate schools are conducted in each academic, we will look for available housing based on the number of requests given by all international successful applicants.