Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition (Admission and Academic Fees) and Scholarship Information is indicated below. 
Admission & Academic Fees

(1) Payment of Admission Fee

●Successful applicants are requested to settle the Admission Fees in phase one.
Admission Fee Pertains to the Following
JPY 100,000-
Graduates of Soka University’s undergraduate program;
Graduates of Soka’s Institute of Japanese Language program;
Graduates of Soka’s Division of Correspondence Education program
JPY 200,000-
Excluding the above-mentioned applicants

・After you make the payment of the Admission fee, it cannot be refunded for any reason.
・This fee is not exempted by any scholarship.

(2) Payment of Academic Fees

●Successful applicants are requested to settle the Academic Fees in phase two.

Academic Fees
(per Year)
Lump-sum payment Two Installments
During admissions
processing period
During admissions
processing period
2nd / Fall Semester
Tuition JPY 460,000 JPY 230,000 JPY 230,000
Registration fee JPY 60,000 JPY30,000 JPY 30,000
Educational Enhancement JPY100,000 JPY 50,000 JPY 50,000
Total JPY 620,000 JPY 310,000 JPY 310,000

  • The above table shows the academic fees in one year.
  • Please settle the admission fee first, then settle the academic fees.
  • Please complete the payment within each processing period. If the admission procedure is not completed within the processing periods, the applicant’s admission will be revoked.
  • Each application period is indicated in the application guidelines.
Expanded Scholarship Opportunities for International Students
In 2016, Soka University introduced a substantial expansion of scholarship opportunities for all international students at the graduate level. For successful applicants, these scholarships could offset the majority of costs of graduate study in our program.

International graduate students accepted into the graduate programs can apply for:
(1)Soka University Academic Fee Exemption Scholarship for International Students
(2)Soka University Makiguchi Memorial Education Fund Scholarship for International Students
(3)Teaching Assistantship opportunities.

*Detailed application procedures for scholarships will be provided to successful applicants.

(1) Soka University Academic Fee Exemption Scholarship for International Students

JPY 1,120,000
will be waived for all international students (total amount in 2 years)
  • Candidates: 
      All successful international applicants who have submitted the required documents below by each application deadline (*1)
      (1) The application of the academic fee exemptions (Word)
      (2) official documents issued by public agencies stating the household income and income tax information for the most recent 1 year (*1).
*1: Please refer to each application guideline. 
* In principle, household income refers to those of the father and mother or an individual other than a parent if that supporter is primarily financing the household.
  • Amount to be exempted:
  ・Full exemption of Tuition and Educational Enhancement fee.
   *Tuition: JPY460,000 per year
   *Educational enhancement fee: JPY 100,000 per year
  • Amount NOT to be exempted:
  ・Admission fee:     JPY200,000
  ・Registration fees: JPY60,000 per year (JPY120,000 in 2 years)
As a result, the total amount of admission and academic fees for 2 years will be JPY320,000.

  • This scholarship format refers to the 2023 Academic Year, and it may suffer changes in the future.
  • Scholarship application results will be notified after the admission decisions to granted applicants only.
  • After enrollment, a review of exemptions for the subsequent academic year will be conducted yearly. Depending on the grades, the exemption may not be granted for the subsequent year.
  • Academic Fee Exemption can be granted for the duration of the standard term (2 years) at most.

(2) Soka University Makiguchi Memorial Education Fund Scholarship for International Students

JPY 720,000
will be provided to all international students (total amount for 2 years)
 International Graduate Students are offered financial support to assist in covering living expenses during the student’s graduate program. This financial support consists of a monthly stipend scholarship of JPY30,000.

  • This scholarship format refers to the 2023 Academic Year, and it may suffer changes in the future.
  • Continuing eligibility for all scholarships is dependent upon full-time enrollment and academic performance.
  • Details will be provided with the announcement of admission results. 
  • If a student receives a scholarship from elsewhere, financial support from Soka University will not be granted.

(3) Teaching Assistantship Opportunities

The university has Teaching Assistantship (TA) opportunities as a form of financial aid for graduate students each year. 

TA opportunities are open to all successful applicants; however, please note that there are a limited number of TA positions and an application process will be conducted.  Therefore, please be advised that not all applicants can be guaranteed fixed salary payments as TAs. 

The income per month for TAs can be a maximum of JPY20,000. Applicants with a daily conversation level of Japanese language skills will have an increased possibility of being awarded a TA position.