Application Guidelines for the Japan Studies Center programs

The Japan Studies Center offers the Bekka Preparatory Japanese Language Program and the Undergraduate Non-degree Program.
Bekka Preparatory Japanese Language Program
This is a one-year program focused on students willing to enroll in an undergraduate program in Japanese but do not have the necessary proficiency in the language. The examination is based on document screening.
Undergraduate Non-degree Program
This is a one or two-semester program focused on students who have been enrolled in a university and are willing to experience Japanese language and culture. The examination is based on document screening.
Shot-term Japanese Language and Culture Summer Program
We have been offering short-term Japanese language and culture program to our partner universities in order to foster friendly relationships and strengthen our ties. We are now expanding this educational opportunity to those around the world who wish to learn about Japanese language and culture. Let’s challenge together!
Online Application Procedures
1) Check of the Application Guidelines

Carefully read the Application Guidelines, Application Requirements and Application Period for the desired program.
※The application menu will only be available during the application period

2) Registration for the Online Application website

Please complete the registration by submitting your personal information using a computer, smartphone or tablet. After you complete the registration, your profile will be created.
※ E-mail address for user registration, it will be to those that also used in subsequent contact. Please register an address that you can always receive and check. 

3) Application from the “My Account” page

Application             Submit your application within the determined   period through “My Account.”                 
Application Fee Payment As you proceed with the application, the Application Fee payment screen will appear. Please make your payment using a valid credit card
※If you do not have a credit card, please contact us through “My Account.”

4) Submission of necessary documents

Please submit the original documents by the deadline.

5) Application Number

Once all steps are completed, you will receive your Application Number, and the application process will be completed.
※For any inquiry, please access your account and click on the “Contact Us” tab.