外国人留学生への経済的支援のご案内 Financial Support for International Students


At Soka University, we have three types of financial support for international students:
(1)Soka University Academic Fee Exemption Scholarship for International Students
(2)Soka University Makiguchi Memorial Education Fund Scholarship for International Students
(3)Teaching Assistantship opportunity.

1. 創価大学外国人学生学費減免奨学金 Soka University Academic Fee Exemption Scholarship for International Students





〇Documents to be submitted

①Application for Academic Fee Exemption (PDFWord)
 ●Annual income certificate from both of your parents should be attached

②Statement of Financial Eligibility (PDFWord)
 ●Current bank Statement (balance certificate) of your Financial supporter should be attached

③Copy of your passport (the page with the name and headshot photo)

④Front and back copies of the residence card (Only those who have the residence card in Japan)

〇How to submit
Please submit the above documents via google form listed below.
〇提出締切 2020年2月26日(水)終日中まで

 ●在籍料 60,000円(一括払いの場合)

〇Submission Deadline: February 26, 2020
For applicants, the screening will be held, and “Notification of Approval of Academic Fee Exemption” will be sent to you in Mid-March, 2020.

Once you submitted the application for the Academic Fee Exemption, please deposit the registration fee by the payment deadline (February 27, 2020). This fee is NOT exempted by the scholarship.
 ・Registration fee; 
  60,000 yen (In case of Single Installment)
  30,000 yen (In case of Two Installment)

*If you have submitted the documents above, please proceed with the payment under the premise that your tuition and educational enhancement fee will be waived.
詳細はこちら / For more detail

2. 創価大学牧口記念教育基金会留学生奨学金 Soka University Makiguchi Memorial Education Fund Scholarship for International Students


International Graduate Students are offered financial support for covering living expenses during the student’s graduate program. This financial support consists of the monthly stipend scholarship of JPY30,000. (JPY360,000 in a year).

*Continuing eligibility for all scholarships is dependent upon full-time enrollment and academic performance.
*If a student receives a scholarship from elsewhere, financial support from Soka University will not be granted.
*An orientation regarding this scholarship will be held from late March to early April 2020. If you wish to apply, please attend the orientation.
*Orientation schedules will be announced later.

3. ティーチング・アシスタント(TA)Teaching Assistant-ship Opportunity

The university prepares the Teaching Assistant-ship (TA) opportunity as the financial aids for the graduate students in a year. 

TA opportunities are opened to all successful applicants; however, please be noted that there is a limited capacity for hiring TA students and the job matching process needs to be conducted.  Therefore, please be advised that not all applicants can be guaranteed fixed salary payments with this teaching assistant. 

The income range for TAs per month can be at least from 0 yen to a maximum of 20,000 yen. If you have a Japanese language skill with a level of daily conversation, the possibility of TA hiring will increase. 

After your enrollment, an orientation regarding this Teaching Assistantship will be held in early April 2020


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