Professor Cong Xiaobo


IRISE faculty member Cong Xiaobo delivers lecture at South China Business College Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Professor Cong Xiaobo, a faculty member of the institute, delivered an academic lecture titled “Current Problems and Situations Facing Japan-China Exchanges” under the invitation of two Chinese universities, and discussed about Founder Daisaku Ikeda’s thoughts and practices on Sino-Japanese relationship.

29 December 2023: South China Business College Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
4 January 2024: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture

In her lecture, Professor Cong touched on the long history of exchanges between China and Japan in terms of culture, education, economics, and trade, and deeply analyzed various current issues using psychology as a starting point, stressing the need to face up to problems and find new ways of cooperation to promote friendly exchanges between China and Japan. She also mentioned how the founder stated that the essence of Sino-Japanese exchange lies in cultural exchange, which were based on his firm belief that "China is Japan's cultural benefactor" and "no other countries in the world are as closely-knitted [as Japan and China]," and referred to the actions that the founder had continued to take toward both countries. She further explained that learning from the wisdom and exemplary actions of both Premier Zhou Enlai and the founder in promoting friendship between Japan and China would provide important insights for today.

During the Q&A session, the participants engaged in meaningful discussions with faculty, staff, and students on the future direction of Sino-Japanese relations.

Based on the same theme, Professor Cong Xiaobo gave lectures at the School of Foreign Studies of Southeast University in Nanjing, China, in August 2023 and at the School of Japanese Studies of Tianjin Foreign Studies University in November 2023.