Confocal microscopy LSM700(ZEISS Microscopy Company)

  • Laser microscope using confocal optics as a light source
  • Fluorescent images of cultured cells and tissue sections labeled with fluorescent substances can be acquired.
  • Time-lapse imaging of live cells is also possible.

BD FACSAriaTM III Cell Sorter(Becton Dickinson Company, Ltd.)

  • Cells labeled with fluorescent substances can be mixed with fluid and irradiated with laser light to analyze cell size and internal structure, and to quantify the amount of fluorescent substances on the cell surface.
  • Specific cells can also be aseptically aliquoted.

QuantStudio12K Flex Real-Time PCR System(Applied BiosystemsⓇ)

  • This instrument is capable of quantifying template DNA by measuring the increase in PCR amplification products over time.
  • It can quantify expression levels of specific genes in cultured cells and tissues.

Cryostat CM1950(Leica)

  • Equipment for cutting frozen tissue into thin slices at low temperatures
  • Able to prepare tissue specimens for observation under an optical microscope

Cultivation Room

  • A bio-clean bench for handling cultured cells is installed.
  • A CO2 incubator is installed for cell culture.

P2 Laboratory

  • Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory.
  • Installed with a biological safety cabinet (Class IIA).

Radio Isotope (RI)Laboratory

  • Laboratory for operating radioisotopes.

Drosophila Laboratory

  • Breeding mutants and RNAi strains of various genes.
  • Tissues can be dissected and observed under a stereomicroscope.


  • Managing GlyCosmos repositories and databases.